T.S. Venkataraman An eminent sugarcane breeder, he transferred thick stem and high sugar contents from tropical noble cane to North Indian Canes. This process is known as the mobilization of sugarcane.
B.P. Pal An eminent Wheat breeder, developed superior disease-resistant N.P. varieties of wheat.
M.S. Swaminathan Responsible for the green revolution in India, developed high yielding varieties of Wheat and Rice
Pushkarnath Famous potato breeder
N.G.P. Rao An eminent sorghum breeder
K. Ramaiah A renowned rice breeder
Ram Dhan Singh Famous wheat breeder
D.S. Athwal Famous pearl millet breeder
Bosisen An eminent maize breeder
Dharampal Singh An eminent oil-seed breeder
C.T. Patel Famous cotton breeder who developed the world’s first cotton hybrid in 1970
V. Santhanam Famous cotton breeder

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