1871The Government of India created the Department of Agriculture
 1905The Imperial Agricultural Research Institute was establish in Pusa, Bihar
 1934The buildings of the institute damaged in earthquake
 1936Shifted to New Delhi
 1946Name was changed Indian Agricultural Research Institute
 1901-05Agricultural Colleges were established at Kanpur, Pune, Sabour, Llyalpur, Coimbatore
 1929Imperial council of Agricultural Research was established
 1946Name was change to Indian Council Agricultural Research
 1921Indian Central Cotton Committee was established – Notable researches on breeding and cultivation of cotton. Eg. 70 improved varieties of cotton
 1956Project for intensification of regional research on cotton, oilseeds and millets (PIRRCOM) was initiated to intensify research on these crops – located at 17 different centres through out the country
 1957All India Coordinated maize improvement project was started with objective of exploiting heterosis
 1961  – The first hybrid maize varieties released by the project
– ICAR initiated coordinated projects for the improvement of the other crops
 1960First Agricultural University established at Pantnagar, Nainital, U.P.

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