Famous Name of Crops

Famous NameCrops  
 King of cereals Wheat
 Queen of cereals Maize
 King of coarse cereals Sorghum
 King of coarse millets Kodo (Paspulum scrobiculatum)
 King of pulses Chickpea
 Queen of pulses Pea
 King of oilseeds Groundnut
 Queen of oilseeds Sesame (Til)
 King of weedsCongress grass (Parthenium hysterophorus)
 King of fruits Mango
 Queen of fruits Pineapple
 King of temperate fruits Apple
 King of spices Black Pepper
 Queen of spices Cardamom
 King of vegetables Potato
 Queen of vegetables Okra
 Poor man’s meat Soybean
 Wonder crop Soybean
 Famine reserves Millets
 King of fodder crops Berseem
 Queen of fodder crops Lucerne
 Vegetables meat Cowpea
 Poor man’s fruit Jackfruit, Ber
 Poor man’s substitute for ghee Sesame
 Poor man’s friend Potato
 Poor man’s food Pearl millet
 King of Arid and semi arid fruits Ber
 National fruit of India Mango
 Glory of East Chrysanthemum
 Autumn queen Chrysanthemum
 Wonder tree Neem
 Queen of night Cestrum nocturnum
 Egg plant Brinjal
 Bio energy plant Jatropha
 King of flower crops Rose
 Queen of flower crops Gladiolus
 Brown gold Dead pupae of Silkworm
 Apple of paradise Banana
 Poor man’s orange (India) and Love of apple (England)Tomato
 Drosophila of crop plants Maize
 Adams fig Banana
 Butter fruit Avocado
 Queen of beverage crops Tea
 China’s miracle fruits Kiwi fruit
 Food of god Cocoa
 Small holder’s irrigated crops Oil palm
 Oldest cultivated tropical fruits Banana
 Tree of heaven Coconut
 King of nut crops Walnut
 Queen of nut crops Peanut
 Bio drainage plant Eucalyptus spp
 Golden fibre Jute
 White gold of America Cotton
 Yellow jewel of America Soybean
 Backbone of America Maize
 Thorny oilseed crop Safflower

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