Meteorological instruments and their uses


Instruments UsedMeasures
 Altimeter Height
 Aneroid barometer Atmospheric pressure
 Anemometer Wind speed/velocity
 Atmometer Leaf temperature
 Auxanometer Growth of plant
 Barograph Continuous atmospheric pressure
 Crescograph Growth of plant
 Cryometer Measuring temp. below 0ºC
 Cambel stokes recorder Sunshine duration
 Drosometer Dew
 Hygrometer/Psychrometer Relative humidity (RH)
 Evaporimeter Evapotranspiration
 Hydrometer Relative density of liquids
 Heliograph Duration of bright sunshine hours
 Infra-red thermometer Canopy temperature
 Irrometer Water stress, soil moisture tension
 Infiltrometer Infiltration
 Lactometer Fat percent in milk
 Lysimeter Evapotranspiration
 Permeameter Hydraulic conductivity
 Pycnometer Soil specific gravity
 Pyrheliometer Direct solar radiation
 Pyradiometer Both long and short wave radiation
 Quantum sensor PAR
 Psychrometer Leaf water potential/RH
 Porometer Transpiration rate (ET)
 Pyranometer Total incoming solar radiation
 Piezometer Depth of water table, measuring hydrostatic pressure of groundwater
 Multimeter Rainfall (RF)
 Pressure chamber/Thermocouple Leaf water potential
 Pressure membrane apparatus Field capacity
 PyrgeometerLongwave radiation
 Rain gauge Amount of rainfall
 Spectrophotometer Wavelength of light
 Thermograph Continuous measuring temperature
 Tensiometer Soil moisture tension (0.8 bar)
 Wind vane Wind direction

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