Domestication of animal

 (1) Dog (2) Sheep (3) Goat
 Cultivated crops in the world (1) Wheat (2) Barley
 Hybrid pigeon pea ICPH-8 (ICRISAT, Hyderabad)
 Hybrid sunflower BSH-1 (Pro-Agro)
 Hybrid cotton H-4 (Surat Farm, Gujarat)
 Semi dwarf variety of basmati rice Pusa Basmati 1 (IARI)
 Aromatic Rice hybrid Pusa RH 10 (IARI)
 Sorghum hybrid CSH-1 and CSH-2 (IARI)-1964
 Public sector hybrid of forage sorghum Pusa Chari Hybrid 106
 Mango hybrid for commercial cultivation Mallika (Neelam × Dashehari)
 Public sector insect resistant multiple forage PCH 106
 Viral disease Leaf curl of Tobacco
 Plant Parasitic Nematode Anguina tritici (on wheat)
 Plant Parasitic Bacteria Fire Blight of apple
 Sorghum high yielding variety CSV-1
 Rice variety introduced in India IR-8
 Developed dwarf variety of rice TN 1
 Rice high yielding variety of India Jaya (TN1×T1N1)
 Hybrid variety of mustard Pusa Jai Kisan (BIO 902)
 Hybrid variety of Bajra HB-1 (1965)
 Hybrid developed by using local male parent Hare Chhole no-1
 Man made cereal Triticale (Wheat × Rye)
 Rice resistant variety developed for yellow stem borer IR-20 (TN-1 × TKM-6)
 Organophosphate compound Parathion
 Napier × Bajra (NB) hybrid Pusa Giant Hybrid
 Hormone Secretin
 Maize hybrid Ganga 101 (1961)
 High productive early duration rice hybrid released by DRRDRRH 2
 Country to adopt hybrid rice China
Hybrid rice released in India APRH-1 and APHR-2 (1994)
 Egyptian variety of cotton Sujata
 Super rice variety for saline/ alkaline conditions Lunishree
 Country to introduce zero tillage USA
 Sugarcane variety Co-205
 Scented basmati rice for normal and sodic soils Yamini (CSR 30)
 Interspecific variety of cotton (G. hirsutum × G. barbadense)Varalaxmi
 Tobacco hybrid GTH 1
 Safflower hybrid DSH-129
 Crop to have its genome decoded Rice
 Plant to have its genome decoded Arabidopsis thaliana
 Single cross maize hybrid Paras
 Pathogen resistant gene HM 1
 Systemic fungicide Carboxin
 Organic fungicide Dithiocarbamate
 Fungicide Bordeaux mixture (inorganic in nature)
 Person to record plant disease Theophrastus
Autopolyploid variety released for commercial  cultivation in India Pusa Giant (Berseem)
 Carbamate compound Sevin/carbonyl
 Laureate of the “world food” prize Dr. M.S.Swaminathan
 Director-General of ICAR Dr. B.P.Pal
 President of ICAR Mohammad Habibullah
 Indian scientist who collected and identified the fungus K.R. Kirtikar
Agriculture universityG.B. University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar (1960)
 Plant pathologist of India J.F. Dastur
 Plant parasitic bacteria was reported by T.J. Burill
 Plant parasitic nematode was reported by Needham
 Mycoplasma disease reported by Do et al. and Ishit et al.
 Virus was first discovered by Iwanosky
 Scientist to study fungi and their species Micheli
 Transgenic plant Tobacco (By Fraley, 1983)
 Biotechnological crop introduced in India Bt. Cotton
 Hormone artificially produced by culturing bacteria Insulin
 Commercially bio-insecticide Sporeine
 Maize hybrid developed in India Ganga-2
 ‘00’ or canola type/variety of Gobhi sarson PGSH-51
 Short duration pigeon pea hybrid PPH 4
 Leaf curl resistant cotton hybrid Fateh LHH-144
 Sorghum × Sudan grass hybrid Sudan Chari no 1
 Fungicide used Sulphur (powdery mildew of vine)
 Insecticide used Paris green
 Herbicide used 2, 4-D
 First Bt cotton variety Bollgaurd (Cry1 Ac gene used)
 Fumigant used Hydrocyanic acid (HCN)
 First hybrid in India Pusa meghdoot (bottle gourd)
 Commercially used fertilizer SSP
 First fertilizer used Calcium nitrate

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